Airman to the Rescue

She’d just passed the couch when she was summarily spun and tugged down by her waist onto the couch. She wound up splayed on top of an edgy and sexy Matt. Perfect.

“We spent our first night together right here,” he said.

The unexpected romance behind those words sliced right through her. She straddled Matt and smiled as she slowly unclipped her hair.

Forever my Girl release day!

forevermygirl_hb (2)

While you’re all waiting for Airman to the Rescue this June, and believe me, I’m foaming at the mouth to bring it to you, here’s a new little something from me. A novella in the St. Helena Vineyard world of Marina Adair, which was an absolute joy to write from start to finish.

When Marina asked me to the first round of releases back in October, I had to decline. Smashed up against deadlines and my own Christmas release (Crazy for You), I couldn’t manage it. But then she asked me again for the Spring pairing, and I was able to say: YES! YES! YES!

Kind of like Meg Ryan with that famous diner scene in When Harry Met Sally.

with Marina and Barbara Grace in January 2017

I hope you love to see photos of your favorite bestselling authors. Here’s one of me, #1 national bestseller Marina Adair, and author Grace Conley (who has two novellas in the St. Helena Vineyard world now) after we stuffed our faces with a late breakfast. Yes, we all live within driving distance of each other in our northern California Bay Area.

When I first set out to write in Marina’s world, I had no idea what I’d do or who I’d write about. It’s one thing to write in my own series world, but another to jump into another author’s established world. But here Marina was, asking me to do it! Once I read Need You for Mine, book three in the Heroes of St. Helena, I had no more doubt whom I’d write about.

The secondary character of “Baby,” who was caught in a compromising position with the hero at the start of the book, begged to be told. I love a story of redemption, and when I can look behind the curtain and see why a character behaves badly. There’s always a reason. So, with Marina’s blessing, I gave “Baby” a name and a past. And then, just because I can, I gave her a DeLuca of her own. David DeLuca is a Colorado DeLuca and a ski bum turned Army Ranger. When he meets Mallory aka Baby, he won’t know what hit him!

I hope you’ll pick up your copy today, and please do let me know what you think I always love to hear from you.




~ Cover Reveal ~

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Love the new cover for book two of the Heroes of Fortune Valley series, coming June 1, 2017. I think it’s lighthearted, fun, and romantic. I hope you all like it, and that you’ll be ready to read all about Matt and Sarah’s romance come this June. I loved writing their HEA.

You can read an excerpt here.