10 Things You Didn’t Know about This Baby Business

  1. It was originally a marriage of convenience story.
  2. While I was going through revisions for TBB, I discovered I would be a grandmother for the first time.
  3. This book is dedicated to my granddaughter.
  4. I listened to a Sam Hunt-heavy playlist, which I only played during love scenes. It included Leave the Night On.
  5. In an early version of TBB, Carly and Grace got along famously and Grace was a “perfect baby.” After some great advice from editor Victoria Curran, I stirred things up a bit!
  6. Initially, Grace’s grandmother Irene had a much smaller story line. But my wonderful editor Tahra suggested that the first two books had dual love stories, so this one should, too. Thus, a late in life romance was born as Irene tries to help her grieving husband.
  7. I researched being the wife of an AF pilot by talking to an author friend who really was the wife of an AF pilot!
  8. This is my last Superromance book.
  9. As I wrote this book, I thought that our heroine’s good friends (Jill and Zoey) should have their own books. I pitched their books just before it was announced that Superromance was closing. Ooops!
  10. Our heroine’s friends, Carly and Zoey, are the heroines in the first two books in a spin-off series with Special Edition called Wildfire Ridge. Coming in 2019!
  11. BONUS: At least one reader bought the book based on the sweet baby alone!9780373640478

Happy Hump Day

How I see Levi and Carly…

Pinterest couple

“Levi.” She broke off from the kiss, breathless. “We probably shouldn’t do this. It’s not…a good idea.”

He pressed his forehead to hers. “You’re right.”

Great. He agreed with her. “It’s stupid.”

“Yeah.” He tugged her in tighter and kissed her again. And again.

She threaded her fingers through his hair and moaned into his mouth.

And they continued to be crazy stupid for the next hour.



It’s that time…

When I bombard you with excerpts and teasers and photos of the hero and heroine in my latest romance. This Baby Business is coming in 11 days and I hope you will bear with me while I wax poetic (or not) about how much I’ve enjoyed writing this book. With that, here’s a teaser followed by an excerpt:TBB pre-order meme 2

“Being your fake fiancé is not the worst thing to ever happen to me.” Not even the second or third, but he wasn’t going there.

“Were you dating anyone here?”

Seemed like a crisis of conscience had overcome Cute Stuck-Up Girl. Cute Sexy, now. “A coffee date with Lily Hamilton. I was supposed to call and follow up for dinner.”

She closed her eyes, then opened them again. “Lily. She’s so nice. I’m so sorry, Levi.”

“It wasn’t a thing. And you should know, anyway, after you and I kissed, I had no intention of calling her. I haven’t had time to…date. Or anything.” And it had been far too long without the or anything. Also not going there.

“Me, too. I think I forgot how to act around someone of the opposite sex.”

His gaze heated. “You did fine the other night on the couch.”

She coughed. “Yeah. Thanks.”

“What’s wrong? You don’t normally wrestle a pig in front of a guy? Because that can be a mating call in some countries.” He managed to keep a straight face.

She rolled her eyes at him. “No. I don’t have the most stellar history with men.”

“Get out. My fiancée? How did you catch me, then?”

She didn’t laugh. “I wouldn’t normally go out with a guy like you, anyway. Guys like you don’t go for girls like me.”

“Guys like me?”

“I know I’m not sexy, or anything.”

“Yeah, you are,” he said. “Otherwise, I don’t think we’d be engaged.”

“That isn’t funny.”

“It’s a little funny.”

~ This Baby Business, all rights reserved Harlequin Books

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