10 Things you didn’t know about Airman to the Rescue

  1. The hero’s name was originally “Petey,” but “Matt” had a nicer ring to it.
  2. The working title was “On A Wing and a Prayer.”
  3. My favorite title would have been, “Built for Love” but that was taken.
  4. Of all three “Heroes” books, this was the romance that practically wrote itself. Matt and Sarah were already very much alive to me in Breaking Emily’s Rules (the first book).
  5. My editor emailed me to say she’d fallen in-love with Matt.
  6. I also fell in love with Matt.
  7. I would cast Chris Hemsworth as our hero, Matt Conner, and that’s who I pictured while writing the book.
  8. I used some of my former experiences with my youngest son as inspiration for Matts teenage son, “Hunter.” Such as ordering a milkshake “like a man.”
  9. Originally Hunter’s friend, Megan, was going to discover her parents were having an affair. But that was changed so that Hunter could have an experience that taught him a lesson.
  10. The photo that went viral of Hunter’s mother’s boyfriend, and caused all the uproar, was originally far more troublesome. So we changed it.


Yet another teaser…

Romantic Couple Hugging In Kitchen

He deepened the kiss, and she got lost in the sensation of his tongue teasing hers over and over again. She craved him completely, his kiss and his taste. Every single cell of him. More than she’d wanted or needed any other man in her life.

His hand slid down her spine to the small of her back and he broke off the kiss.

“I’m not sure what you’re doing to me, but I think I need to stop kissing you.”

“I’m not sure I agree with you.”

Airman to the Rescue